Latest-Lord-Shiva-Parvati-Photos-Desktop9The Himalayas in India is where the root of the tree of spiritual knowledge is found. From the branches of the tree come the fruits or flowers. In Bali, as well as in some other countries outside of India like Tibet, the fruit or flower from the tree can be found. This is why one can taste the sweetness of the tree of spiritual knowledge in Bali, because the fruit of the tree is here.

Bali is unique. Bali was founded by Yoga. No other Island in the world has been founded by Yoga. From India Rishi Markandeya received the knowledge to come to Bali and practice Yoga. The Yogi / Maha Rishi founded Bali through Yoga and many Yogis built this Island from practicing Yoga. Through this long history of spiritual practice they made Bali Island an Ashram. That’s why people love to connect with Bali.

These Rishis found the complete knowledge of Lord Siva. They meditated in holy places like Basukian, which is now called Besakih, where the Mother Temple is. In Mother Nature, Bali already had the magnet of Yoga. The Yogis meditated first for Mother Nature.

Bali already practices Yoga. In Bali through practising Yoga, they found what they called ‘TRI HITA KARANA’ — Three Causes of Happiness. Ceremony is Yoga, it is Action or Karma Yoga.

All your life is Yoga, all the action is Yoga and this action is what the Balinese are doing every day.

Generally when people want to connect with God they make a temple outside. To start with you can make a temple outside to find God. This is Yoga outside the self, but with spiritual knowledge gained through the practice of yoga, you will make yourself a temple within. You then don’t need to make a temple outside. When you find yourself that means you find God and you yourself are a temple and you can connect to the people with the knowledge.

When you know yourself, you connect with God, connect with Nature and connect with the Community. This is Tri Hita Karana – the three causes of happiness and until we find ourselves we cannot connect with Tri Hita Karana. It is through Yoga we can find Tri Hita Karana.