We also have a Balinese Kundalini Tantra Yoga team of instructors that teach in the venues here in Bali. Pak Mina is a disciple of Ashram Munivara and has studied Kundalini Tantra Yoga with Guru Arsana. He teaches at Om Ham Retreat, Ashram Munivara and at Ubud Bodyworks Centre. Follow



I met Mr Ketut Arsana in April 2012 while he was in Sydney for a Yoga weekend. Mr Arsana and his Kundalini Tantra Yoga had a profound and powerful affect on me. The breathing and moving within the yoga postures was just so natural , it felt as if I



Sharee was born in Australia in 1978, Growing up in a beautiful pristine environment nurtured Saree’s passion for the natural world. Marveling at how the elements always had a healing effect on her body and mind, she began her exploration into subtle energies, vibrational healing and meditative arts at a


Putu Werdiana

Since 2010, I have been doing Yoga Asanas intensively, by practicing the discipline of Kundalini Tantra Yoga, formulated by my Guru (teacher) Sri Jaya Shakti (I Ketut Arsana ). My yoga practice has transformed me dramatically, both mentally AND physically! Before practicing yoga asana, I had worked primarily with a



Naoko started her yoga practice when she was just 19 years old, and when she met Mr.Ketut Arsana (the founder of Kundalini Tantra Yoga) when she was 23 years old, through working as an English to Japanese interpreter throughout his yoga classes in Japan. From that point, Naoko then aspired


Charlotte Hoogenhuizen

Born in Australia N.S.W. in 1968, Owner and Founder of Narasoma Retreat Centre, Narasoma Homestay & Villas and Narasoma Spa in Ubud – Bali, Indonesia. Studied Yoga with Sri Jaya Shakti (Guru Arsana) since 2009 and started teaching Yoga under his guidance in 2012. Spiritual Journey: I set out on