Tantra is the spiritual knowledge that brings your soul to liberation. Free from pain, from karma, anxiety and difficulty and with the ability to handle any obstacle in life. The cleansing process involves knowledge about yoga asanas, pranayama, mantra (holy songs) and yantra.

During the spiritual process when Guru blesses the disciples through the Shiva dvara (crown chakra), Guru awakens the Kundalini which resides at the base chakra. The awakening of the first, second and third chakras may happen without the assistance from a Guru, however, bear in mind the awakening will also be followed by the awakening of desire and emotion.
When Kundalini awakens it is very important to have the chakra cleansing process as well and this is where you need guidance from a competent Guru. Guru’s holy touch will help to cleanse each chakra and the spiritual knowledge, the awakening of Kundalini will be directed up to the crown chakra in order for the soul to achieve liberation.

Guru’s touch will help to cleanse all chakras that have thousands of nadhis on the spine. This process must also be followed by the spiritual practices (sadhana) of the disciples. The spiritual practices including brata, fasting, monobrata, daily puja, consultation to get better understanding of the process and the spiritual teaching need to be done to ensure that body, mind and soul are aligned and synchronized.

When the Kundalini rises and touches the fourth chakra, you will feel exceptional happiness and divine natures will grow. Thus, you have to maintain and nurture this feeling with sadhana (spiritual practices) and understanding of the teaching itself. Therefore, Guru can give more and a person can become a Guru himself to be able to help others and no longer be physically attached and dependent on the Guru.

Tantra teaching is a pure Shiva teaching that is given to humans as part of His, in order to purify the soul itself and liberate it, so it brings benefits in life. Thus, the purpose of reincarnation is to perfect the soul until it reunites with Shiva. When a person achieves moksha in the world, meaning he has great compassion and empathy, he will be able to build and develop something great in any aspect for the community and free from any attachment. This is what needs to be cultivated from a person or a disciple, to be able to sincerely give and share to others, even to our enemy or a person who doesn’t like us. A great soul grows when the soul understands the teaching and touches the mind, emotion and feeling. This is the parameter for the spiritual growth of the disciples.

Jnana Buda Siwa Tantra is a divine knowledge and the goal of Kundalini Tantra Yoga. We have been given tantra (e.g. pranayama, dance), mantram (holy songs) and yantra (body) to undergo the purification process to be able to find God within (Buda) so then a disciple can understand the God without (Shiva). Without tantra blessing from Maha Guru a disciple won’t be able to understand God within and without, nor will be able to be free from physical or material attachment. Yoga asanas will complete the process, as during movement, the energy can be driven and distributed to the whole body in order to accelerate the cleansing process, so that the body will be able to receive Jnana Buda Siwa Tantra.

This healing Yoga uses tantra along with pranayama (breath) at the same time. This is important for energy raising, flowing, moving and balancing. Tantra is raising the energy so that you can use in your life.